Special Projects

I am lucky to have talented colleagues and friends who are passionate about giving back to their communities. To help spread the word about their exciting new ventures, I highlight their latest developments on this page.

I’m on the board of this newly launched nonprofit that helps connect high-need youth with education and training opportunities in the tech field. We have a lot of exciting plans to send students to technology boot camps, fund scholarships, and connect students with other incredible opportunities. It’s inspired by the late James Pettine who passed away way too early in 2006. James was passionate about technology and had a remarkable spirt filled with compassion and creativity.

The Sludge Hub is a 501c3 that is working to bring together scientists, eco innovators, and community minded individuals to help restore post coal spaces. They have a lot of exciting things planned for 2023 including the launch of their website. Until then, here is the organization’s founder talking about his vision of life after coal in West Virginia.

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