I’m an economist based in the Washington DC area. This website is focused on my work doing economic policy research; it’s where you can find links to my research as well as updates on what I’m working on lately. I also highlight some special projects that I am passionate about.

If you’d like to see what I’ve worked on in the past, you can check out my research page. I have primarily worked on zoning, economic development, and fiscal policy issues. I have more recently been exploring the persistent effects of sundown town policies for my dissertation, which you can read about here.

Although my research interests are widespread, some reoccurring theoretical themes include urban economics, institutional economics, and economic sociology. The research projects I pursue tend to center around trying to inform public policy in some way. I especially care about how different policies can influence equity and outcomes for disadvantaged groups.

In my spare time, I’m an aficionado of hiking, honey bee facts, and am always on the search for new poetry to consume.